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I never had pet insurance on any of my pets until 1999. We had just lost the last of three dogs and decided to get two more. I thought well they are puppies so why not try the insurance. God most have been preparing me for what was ahead. My Sheltie came down with bladder stones at 18 months. My Corgie had ACL surgery at two years and the other knee at four years. Having insurance made it nice to know I would not be out all of the expense. My Corgie also developed cancer of the tongue at age six and died at age eight. There again, I took out the cancer policy when VPI made it available, thinking why not. Who would have thought I would need it. When I lost my sheltie in Aug. on 2010 I waited five months before looking for another pet. I have found the sweetest Havanese ever. I have him with VPI and hopefully will not need it like I did with the other two. But if I do I have the comfort of knowing I'm not alone with the expenses. I do agree with others about the amount paid on claims and the deductable. But some help (if it offsets the cost) is better than nothing.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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