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I have two dogs that I take to Banfield, we are now closing in on the end of our first year on their wellness plans.Which are nothing but a RIP off...The discount you get is on already overcharged prices, the staff has always been rude and the doctors only want to sell you stuff rather than take care of an issue. I have basset hounds, prone to ear infections, everytime they tell me we need blood work (only covered once every six months-so I have to PAY for it) the reason they need blood work is incase there is an underlying problem. They are BASSET HOUNDS their ears are prone to it, no need for over priced blood work. Yesterday was the final straw, I took one of them in for a dental -teeth cleaning- I picked her up and the vet mentioned sores on the folds of her mouth which I had never noticed before, he said oh they will be fine and didn't offer and suggestions, antibiotics or nothing...mind you if she's sick I'll pay for whatever is needed. I get home and look she has BROWN liquid oozing from these spots which they have now shaved. I have an appointment with a new vet today, NOT with Banfield, instead with a local vet whos staff already has impressed me as they worked us in on very short notice and seemed genuinenly concerned for my dog. When I told them yesterday I would not be renewing and why all I got was "oh well thats no good." no apology nothing. I have requested only one vet there and it seems they never tell me until I arrive with the dogs if he's not there. Its ju

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Basset Hound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/24/2012

Yes, I agree on the fact that they are always trying to squeeze more money out of you. I have 4 dogs. Everytime I would bring them in, it was always the ONE dog whose blood work was not covered who would end up with a "problem". How mysterious!