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After doing lots of reviewes for pet insurance, I chose Healthy Paws for our Old English Sheepdog puppy. We also have an older OES who we have insured with VPI. VIPs rates were significantly higher than they were for our first dog so I decided to shop around. Wow, was I pleased!!! Our puppy got an obstruction from a piece of corn cob (we have no idea where he got it because he's well supervised) and had to have emergency surgery. While he was in surgery and at the vet overnight, I went to my Healthy Paws online account and printed a claim form with all of our information already filled out. I took the claim form to the vets office when we went to pick our dog up. The vet filled in the required information and faxed the claim for us. I got an email from Healthy Paws the very next day to say they were processing our claim, and here's the best part...they approved the claim the next day! I got a check in the mail from Healthy Paws exactly three days after the surgery!
We didn't really have any major complaints about VPI, other than their price but now that I have used both, Healthy Paws is much quicker and communicates much better through the claim process.

To top it all off, I got a personal email from a Healthy Paws rep asking how our pup was doing after the surgery. They also wanted to see a picture of him and related a personal story about the breed.

I would highly recommend Healthy Paws to ANYONE considering pet insurance!

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bowel obstruction
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Old English Sheepdog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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