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I purchased VPI pet insurance for my dog when she was a pup--just weeks old. Early in her life, she developed skin allergies due to an attack of a swarm of biting flies. Because I have been a dog owner all my life, I gave the pup some Benadryl to help alleviate her itchiness and discomfort. When I took her to the vet and told them the story, the documented my comments in their log. Long story short, because I gave Benadryl to my dog, VPI considered that my dog (PUPPY) had a pre-existing condition and wouldn't cover the problem. My vet even wrote a letter to VPI saying they were wrong with their assessment. Regardless, VPI stamped my then puppy (now a 4.5 year old dog) as having a pre-existing condition and they won't cover treatments for when/if she has an allergic flare up. It's complete b.s. but I couldn't switch companies at that time because it would be a pre-existing condition for the new company. So I'm stuck with VPI. So pet owners, if you know animals and what to do, be careful of what your vet puts into the records because VPI can use it to not pay you for services. (p.s. I had and have been a good customer for many years with VPI for my previous dog as well--so for them to pull this was very disappointing).

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allergies---on going issue with VPI, not just one incident
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$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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Posted: 03/27/2012

The same thing happened to me. The abandoned puppy I found had ear mites and was treated for them. Now VPI (Very Poor Insurance) will not cover anything ear related.