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We bought an 11 month old boston terrier from a local breeder who has Trupanion insurance on all her puppies since birth. We decided to take over the insurance policy after researching the various pet insurance companies and finding many positive customer reviews of Trupanion. After two months of living with our new boston terrier, our vet discovered luxating patella in both of her knees. We filled out the simple 1-page pre-approval form, which Trupanion approved within two days. Trupanion's pre-approval confirmation clearly stated the coverage amount (90% with zero deductible), and the excluded items (glucosamine and the sales tax), based on the itemized estimate provided by our vet. We had the surgery performed a month later, and filled out the simple 1-page claim form the day after the surgery, being sure to reference the pre-approval. The claim was approved again within two days. This happened to be the time of the recent Canada Post strike, so our cheque could not be mailed. Trupanion immediately called about the strike and kindly offered a direct deposit into our account, which we accepted. While we focused on spending quality time with our dog before surgery and taking care of her during the recovery period, Trupanion worked with our vet to gather the medical records for pre-approval and claim approval. Our appreciation goes to Kristiina and Jaime at Trupanion for your prompt and friendly service. We believe Trupanion is a great company because of its great people. In

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luxating patella
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Boston Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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