Trupanion Gives Excellent Coverage

Out of 10

After our 11 year old GSD mix dog Lyla broke her leg in 2010 and spending over $6000 I finally got wise and bought pet insurance for all my animals!I used this site among others to research the best company. Well I can say I definitely made the right choice with Trupanion!!
Earlier this year my girl had a tooth extracted and had a reimbursement of about $700.

But the really big one was a diagnosis of osteosarcoma (ugh!) last month. Another $6000 but this time Trupanion was there to help with almost $5000 in reimbursement ($500 deductible plus a number of specialist visits not covered)
She will have ongoing treatment for this and so having the support for the vet bills is incredible.
We also got reimbursed within a week! No payout limit for either each incident or for lifetime. Pays 90% of actual expenses not their own table of fees. Friendly people too :) Highly recommend Trupanion!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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