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I believe that pet insurance should work like other insurance - let me handle the small stuff but protect me in the case of a large problem. We were disappointed with our previous company. Through our own lack of understanding, we purchased a "basic" policy which only covered about 25% of some very large expenses in 2010. When we attempted to upgrade, we were told our pets were too old.
We searched for another company and found PetPlan. We were pleased with the flexibility of coverage and were especially happy that they do not have a fee schedule - they reimburse based on the vet. invoices and the deductible and copay that you select.

When Oliver, our tuxedo cat got sick recently and required surgery for gastritis, we held our breath. The bills were about $3000. Would PetPlan deliver? Or would there be unexpected exclusions? Would there be a portion of the vet. bills disallowed based on the amount? Happily, our claim was resolved expeditiously, and we received about $2200 in reimbursement, exactly what we hoped for.

The coverage is not cheap, but it was exactly as advertised. We have four pets, and it's nice to know that if we incur any major vet. bills, a large portion will be covered. PetPlan definitely has our back.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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