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For us the year was already burdensome with the death of my father, my mother unexpectedly ill, my husband got into a serious accident and my dog Chance wanted to join in the "fun" when he dislocated his hip in a freak accident while playing. Self-employed, the last thing we needed to worry about was how we were going to pay for Chance's emergency care and steep medical bill. And with PetPlan we didn't have to!
They offered, not only top notch care and speedy claim service, but compassion. In the midst of all of our pain and stress, the Awesome! staff at PetPlan sprang into action to help us in any way they could. We recieved our reimbursement check right away due to our situation and Chance is on the mend with exceptional care covered by PetPlan. We can't thank them enough!!! Time and time again, PetPlan prooves they are the only pet insurance company for us.

If you have PetPlan coverage, you know the comfort and peace of mind it brings. If you don't, PetPlan is definitely a company of inegrity and expert customer service you will be able to depend on. They love your pet as much as you do. That makes the difference! They gave our Chance, a chance. Thank you PetPlan for all that you do and for always being there!

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Hip Dislocation in accident
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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