VPI is good, but not the best.

Out of 10

1. I chose VPI 9 years ago because, at the time, it was the only pet insurance of which I had ever heard. We had just gotten our first giant breed dog and I wanted to make sure our investment and most awesome puppy would be protected. 2. I am now aware that there are insurance companies that cover 80% of the cost of medications. VPI does not. 3. I have the Superior Plan for both my dogs, but I still sometimes feel I am not getting my money's worth. 4. Coverage for routine visits is good. 5. Coverage for emergency visits is ok. 6. Coverage for medications is not good. I have an epileptic dog too. Her prescriptions can be costly and there is no reimbursement for them. 7. I can say, without a doubt, VPI did save my big dog's life though. Without proof of coverage we would not have been able to afford his life-saving treatment several years ago. So, for that I am grateful. 4.

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