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I adopted Lady about two years ago and although she is part Jack Russell, she's nowhere nearly as energetic or athletic. Some could even call her almost catatonic. She's also quite clumsy and often trips over her own paws. She has a huge overbite, practically no teeth left, and as you watch her eat, you could see her nose always gets in the way. In fact, she usually ends up with food up her nose as well, but this never stops her from gulping all her food down leaving a spotless bowl. Then once she's finished, she'll look up innocently and let out a slight burp. All these slight imperfections, however, have added to her endearing qualities.
One evening last December, Lady was attempting to jump onto the lazyboy. Her left paw landed on the lazyboy while her right paw landed on the ottoman. My heart jumped when I saw what happened next. The ottoman started sliding causing Lady's left shoulder to twist and she fell to the floor with a loud thud. She limped a little, but then seemed fine and continued to walk normally. She never even yelped or whimpered once. I know Lady has a high threshold for pain, just based on her living on the streets and other slight injuries she's endured, so we quickly brought her to the ER.

The vet on-call physically examined Lady and stated she didn't think anything was broken because Lady was walking fine without any limp, did not yelp at all during the physical exam, and didn't show any signs of physical distress at all. She said

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shoulder fracture
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