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I signed up for pet insurance in Sept 2010 after thinking about it for about a year. I have two pets and the Dr visits themselfs where costing me more then I could handle at times. I thought what would I do if something major happened to either of my pets? How could I afford to take care of it? Would I have that conversation with myself saying does my pet really need this when I can't afford it or do I get the treatment and hope I can somehow pay for it.
Well that senerio happened about 1 month after I signed my pets up for the Embrace insurance. Oct of 2010 my dog had broken a tooth. Not just any tooth but a molar. I had my regular vet give me an estimate on how much it would cost to fix it. The estimate was for an extraction for around $1200.00 I was shocked. I submitted it to the Embrace Insurace. While I was waiting for a reply a friend who is a vet noticed that she had broken the other molar on the other side of her mouth and suggested I go see a specilist because now my dog had two major broken teeth. In the mean time, I had recieved a reply from Embrace saying the insurance would cover about 3/4 of the first estimate and they also showed concern for my pet and what we were going through. It was nice that the paperwork part of having insurance was not just paperwork. Having the knowledge that my pet was covered by Embrace Insurance going in to the appiontment with the specialist gave me comfort knowing that what ever the estimate was from this specialist I would b

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broken teeth
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Over $1000

Shepherd Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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