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I recently had a emergency for my 100 pound black 1.8 month old labrador retriever.Sir Nicholas has just started his heavy training for search and rescue. Having had several issues as a puppy and getting a late start i tend to work him pretty hard to catch up.last week at about 3 in the morning i heard Sir Nicholas pawing at the wooden floors in the family room, along with some whining which was not a normal thing for him to do. When i came downstairs i saw him vomiting every where about every 3 minutes. Panicked i screamed for my husband to get dressed quickly something is seriously wrong with Sir Nicholas and we have to get him some help quickly. He had started to vomit blood on the way to the emergency vet which was 45 minutes away. The short story is he had a viral infection and the blood was due to the continous vomiting. We had just returned from South Carolina two nights before this occured witha new rescue puppy who had to go to the emergency vet while on our drive to home, and cost us 1000.00.
Sir Nicholas bill came to 1000.00 dollars and i was still suffering from a on going illness that we needed the money for my treatment that very same week. Petsplan had our money back to us within 48 hours of recieving the claim. I would recomend the plan to my friends.I know when you read these stories it seems as though someone was paid to say the right thing, but i havent been paid and i am stating the complete truth, they were efficient and professional at handloing my

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