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Our dog Mac (18 mo. Valley Bulldog [Bulldog/Boxer]) ruptured his ACL. After our intial vet visit, follow-up xrays, then referral to a specialist for consult and surgery, our boy managed to rack up over $4000 in medical bills.
Coverage has been excellent, and I am comfortable calling trupanion to discuss my coverage. Unlike my car insurance where I'm afraid to even call them for risk of my rates going up. Vet consultations are not ever covered, which is clear from the beginning, and it is fair that the low rates don't relect the expense of going to get second or specialist opinions.

The surgery itself was pre-approved. We picked our boy up on Wednesday, I had a cheque in my hand the following Monday.

It took longer for the bank to process my cheque than it took trupanion to issue it!

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Ruptured ACL
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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