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VPI has been great insurance for my dog Bogey. I have had the insurance for over six years and have never had any problems with claims. They are paid accurate, according to the reimbursement schedule and always promptly in 1-2 weeks. I recently submitted a very large claim for my dog Bogey. He had gastric torsion and had to be taken to an emergency hospital to save his life. He underwent emergency surgery to "unflip" his stomach. He was hospitalized for two days and as you can imagine he ran up a very large Veterinary bill. Around $3k all together. Thankfully, Bogey survived the surgery and is a healthy happy guy today! I knew the warning signs of bloat because it happens in breeds with deep chests. I got him to the emergency clinic very soon after the gastric torsion. The vet credited my fast response to Bogey's great prognosis. We brought him home to recuperate. He had a one foot incision on his belly from the surgery that was held together by three layers of sutures. He slept alot those first days and need meds every few hours. I slept next to him for nine days and set my alarm to give him pain meds at all hours of the night. After Bogie was out of the woods, I thought I better submit my claim to VPI. I got together all of the paperwork and faxed it off to VPI. I thought sure they would have questions because of the large bill, but with NO questions asked I received a reimbursement check from VPI for more $$$ than I was expecting. I was so happy to get

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Gastric Torsion-Bloat
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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