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You can’t imagine what a lifesaver having pet insurance has provided. After spending over $1500 on one of my cats a few years ago, it became apparent that pet insurance was a necessary way to go. For those who can afford it, or even barely afford it, we all know that most of us would go to almost any length to pay for vetinary services for a sick pet – so, any way you slice it, you’re going to spend the money. Having the insurance, however, keeps you from having to go broke or into debt to do so.
Recently one of my cats was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. If I didn’t have the insurance, that would have cost me over $2,000 to address. With the insurance, I only paid a fraction of that. It’s a great safety net, and, although I held my breath, ASPCA didn’t give me any trouble when it came to paying the claims!

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Over $1000

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Over 8 years

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