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I recently switched to PetPlan insurance from PetsBest. No reflection on PetsBest, but desiring coverage for my 2 dogs and 3 cats, PetPlan had more to offer at a lower price. On May 1st I had to take my 3yr old Pyrenese mix 'Dora' to the E.R. due to vomiting and bloody diarrhea, as well as extreme lethargy. Tho I was given several treatment options, the knowledge of having pet insurance in place allowed me to choose what I considered to be the best option given the circumstances. I work as a manager of a vet clinic myself and so am aware of how expensive some treatments can be. I was told by the E.R. technician that the attending vet (who happened to be the owner of that particular hospital)had in fact given me a sizeable discount due to his knowledge that I was a fellow animal care worker. Even so, my bill at the E.R. came to approx $850 for a day long regimen of IV fluids and meds and blood testing. Subsequently I took Dora to my own clinic where my regular vet did some follow up care in the amount of around $85 (and that number would be more like $125 to a 'non employee'). I contacted PetPlan to get some specifics on filing a claim as it was my first time to do so, and was told I would need to provide 2 years worth of previous medical history on Dora. I found this to be a reasonable request tho a bit tedious to accomplish. Once I had faxed this information on May 7th, I checked my account online to check the status of the claim on May 9th and saw no record of my clai

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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