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I have been a customer of VPI for approximately 8 years. When my shih tzu was a puppy a close friend recommend VPI but I thought it was something I would never need. Boy was I wrong! Before my puppy turned one, she jumped off my very tall bed and broke her leg! It was a very expensive surgery bill! I immediately signed up for VPI insurance while she was still recovering from leg surgery. Thankfully she hasn't had any serious injuries since that incident, but VPI has paid, in most instances, 50% or greater !! I especially like the savings once a year when I pair the savings with my vet's once-a-year special on dental cleaning. Without the discount and the benefits offered by VPI, my dog's dental cleaning would be in excess of $300, but instead it is a little over $100, well worth it!! I also like the fact that claims are processed and paid within two weeks. Faxing the claims is a quick and easy way to submit paperwork and the turnaround time is very quick!! I highly recommend VPI ! I was a skeptical client at first, but now I have peace of mind knowing that my precious shih tzu is covered in the event of an emergency.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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