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I adopted a kitten, Mo, last November. My vet suggested I get pet insurance from Trupanion. I remember my dad telling me when I first bought my own health insurance-- never skimp on insurance. Well I am so happy I bought Trupanion. This month (June), my cute kitten decided to eat a shoelace. It took several visits to the PetER over the course of 2 days to diagnose why he was vomitting and lethargic. X-rays, blood tests, ultrasound and then surgery. The shoelace was stuck in his intestines and stomach. I remember when the surgeon told me how much the surgery could be, I responded, "I have a credit card and pet insurance, so do whatever you have to do". He told me some people have to put their pet down if they can't afford surgery. I cried.
Trupanion did as advertised. I got a response to my claims in record time. They kept me informed of the status of the claims. And, when I brought a possible error or oversight to their attention, it was quickly rectify, with an apology.

Trupanion pays 90% after deductible and exam fees, but given the cost of all the tests and surgery, my Dad and the vet were right. Buy insurance. I was out of pocket only about $600 when the bills were about $3600

I am extremely pleased with Trupanion. Mo has fully recovered and hopefully has learned not to eat shoelaces.

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linear obstruction of intestine and stomach
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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