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Maverick is my 2 year old English bulldog. He was surrendered to me in July of 210 by his owner who no longer could take care of him. He was in excellent condition except for an ear infection. I always thought about getting pet insurance but never thought it would be worth it to pay a monthly fee and what if you never used it? I was wrong about that. On Nov 2nd 2010 I came home from work and found Maverick sitting still trying to breath. I became very scared and rushed him to the emergency room. Maverick had been throwing up and was having trouble breathing. They had to keep him over night and hook him up to a breathing machine with fluids. The doctors gave me a print out of what the total stay would be $1,304.00 and they needed a 75% deposit right then. WOW!! I was thinking good thing I have a credit card and thank god I have Pet insurance. Maverick made it through the night. He had aspiration pneumonia which he developed from vomiting. This is a common side effect in bulldogs due to their breathing.
Maverick was sent home with allot of medication and has to go back in 2 weeks for thoracic radiographs to make sure he is getting better. The vet faxed Petplan the paperwork they had requested to file a claim. I was nervous thinking will PetPlan pay or will they be like a normal insurance company and try to not pay since I had just signed up in July for the insurance. Much to my surprise all the reviews were true I got an email from Petplan telling me the claim was approved a

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aspiration pneumonia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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