Worst pet insurance ever

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I had all of my Bernese Mountain Dogs insured with VPI for 2 years. The first major thing I had happen was one of my girls seemed to be lethargic. I had just bred her 2 weeks prior so I thought that might be the problem. Upon looking at her gums and finding them almost white, I knew we had a much bigger problem but didn't know what. I took her to the emergency room knowing that I had pet insurance to cover it. The vet took ultrasounds and blood samples trying to find out what was wrong with my girl. A few hours later the vet came to the conclusion that my dog may have Histocytosis Cancer. She asked me if I would like to do chemo, but I told her no that no dog ever survives Histo so I won't put her through it. I aske that she be put to sleep. I sent in all of the medical receipts to VPI and they ONLY sent me the amount to have her put to sleep and said that they do not cover cancer. I told them that I did not treat the cancer, I had her put down. They then said that they DO NOT COVER ANYTHING THAT LEADS UP TO ANYTHING THEY DON'T COVER!!! How I am supposed to know what my dog is dying of? Am I supposed to guess before I take her to emergency? What good is this insurance?? I spoke with the AZ Insurance Board and they said that this is not right. They asked that I send in everything but I never did. All I can say to people is DO NOT ever go to VPI, they are a scam. I talked with another person who had a similar thing happen with her Flat Coat Retriever. She too

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Bernese Mountain Dog

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1 - 8

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