Expensive, Slow, Few Benefits

Out of 10

Unlike the VPI Pet Insurance policy, the primary Embrace policy covers relatively little. Despite having well over $1000 in vet bills since that time, the Embrace accident/injury policy has covered nothing (whereas the generic VPI policy would have). Do not be fooled into thinking that you will be able to add a wellness benefit later; they will not let you during the course of an insurance term.
I chose Embrace in part because I expected that the extra cost would be worth what I perceived to be superior customer service. I was wrong about that. To make matters worse, I have had to wait for nearly a month to receive a decision on my claim. I had to call them in order to get a response.

I would only recommend Embrace if you are absolutely sure that you want nothing other than accident coverage. I sincerely wish I had chosen VPI insurance as my vet originally recommended.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/01/2010

Since I don't know your name, I can't comment on the specifics of your case but a couple of things to add. First claims can sometimes take a little longer because of the health history review we do - I apologize for that. And we cover hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia and luxating patellas and we pay based on the vet bill itself, neither of which the generic VPI policy does. Did you have pre-existing conditions covered by VPI before?