Coverage bait and switch - Beware!

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I was an Embrace customer for almost two years, and was happy the first year and the first time I had to make a claim, they paid promptly. This year (my second year) they sent an email to all customers with policy changes. These changes basically eliminate coverage for anything that Embrace considers "preventable" or that there is a vaccine for, and it goes on to say that even if your dog has been vaccinated, if they contract an illness, you must seek damages from the manufacturer, not Embrace!
Here is their quote: “Example: If a pet is vaccinated against Parvo, but still contracts Parvo, the vaccine manufacturer is at fault and may be liable for the veterinary costs to treat the Parvo.”

Good luck making any claim for any illness with that type of policy.

The icing on the cake was when my dog recently had a UTI. I filed a claim and Embrace requested my dog’s medical history going back three years before they can process the claim, I can only assume that they did this so that they can investigate whether or not they could wiggle their way out of paying the medical costs. After I had been a customer for almost two years, they randomly sent me an email that they will not cover foreign body ingestion for my dog because he previously was treated for a foreign body ingestion two years ago!

So, they eliminated any “preventable” illnesses, accidents, vaccinated related conditions, and now foreign body ingestion. What the heck is left besides being run over by a car

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Posted: 12/01/2010

Michael, thank you for the feedback on the vaccination wording. We always look for health history on your first illness claim and your claim for your UTI was paid so no wiggling out of paying for any of the claims you've had recently for us :)

Posted: 07/08/2011

Complaints and Explanations (responses) like this are helpful to those of us researching pet insurance companies.