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I had always had trust in petplan. I recommended petplan to my best friend and within a year she got her dog, they had an ER incident. They were even on the petplan magazine. I had been feeling a bit wasting on the insurance. And then one of my two dogs got sick and hospitalized almost for six days. We have not completed the whole treatment yet. But it is great to know that his condition will be covered for the rest of his life.I did not hear from Petplan for two weeks after our 1st claim and found that they did not receive clearly our 1st claim by fax. It was disappointing that no one tried to contact me. Some pages were blank but they had received all of my contact info. This was the only negative part of my experience with petplan. I suggest others that keep calling if you do not hear from petplan. They do take care of claims quite fast. My case was rare and an accident.
I do the best for my dogs. I do not spoil them by giving a lot of treats and dressing them up. I make sure they get enough exercise and stay healthy. I brush their teeth twice every day. No matter how well I take care of them, they do get sick and emergencies happen. Vet fees and emergencies care are super expensive. No time to consider. Insure your pets!!!

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