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I was skeptical about getting pet insurance at first because I thought "what could ever go wrong?" Well let me tell you that anything and everything can go wrong. I searched the various pet insurance companies and I settled for Trupanion for several reasons. The first was that they would cover 90% of illnesses and accidents, the second being that there wasn't a yearly limit, and the third was the price. Even though the price was comparable, and in some cases lower, to other insurance companies that wasn't what brought me to Trupanion, it was #1 and #2.
Now back to why I have had a great experience. My 1 year old female yellow lab came down with diarrhea that lasted for over a week. As other pet owners can attest to, diarrhea for that long can be deadly. I brought my girl to the vet for the initial examination and they ended up taking x-rays, prescribed medication and put her on some gentle food. That didn't totally work so I had to bring her back a second time again for another round of x-rays and different medication. After 8 or so days the diarrhea subsided and my girl was back to full health.

As you can imagine the vet bill was costly but worth every dollar spend. I paid both bills in full but it sure was nice to have Trupanion on my side. They indeed paid 90% of the bill associated with the vet visits and didn't nickel and dime me to the point where they didn't pay anything. In fact they paid a great portion of the bill. My reluctance to purchase pet in

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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