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I have had dogs all my life but when I adopted my “boys” 8 years ago I decided to purchase pet insurance. I had never had major illnesses with my other dogs but know that as they age health problems do crop up. I currently have the most wonderful furkids in the world but unfortunately Opi has had some major health issues, 2 disk surgeries, a heart murmur and terrible tummy troubles. Having VPI pet insurance has been a huge help in paying his medical bills. I find that the claims are processed in a very timely manner and email communication is very good about letting me know that claims have been received. I am satisfied with the reimbursements I have received though they could always cover more! I am huge proponent of pet insurance especially if you are an owner like me who wants the best for their pet and will go the extra mile to ensure their health. When I purchased VPI I had no idea that my puppy would be in for such a long road medically with huge expenses. I will never again be without pet insurance for my animals. Pet insurance is not for everyone but having VPI has sure paid off for me.

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back surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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