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When my six-year old long-haired cat, Inky, developed a hairball blockage in her stomach that she couldn't pass, she landed herself at the vet for five days straight.
Fortunately, after a lot of tests and t.l.c. from the vet, she was allowed to come home to pass the hairball safely without needing surgery, but requiring three medications given daily for several weeks. All of that resulted in a $1,300+.00 vet bill - without surgery, all of which was reimbursed by Pet Plan, except for a measly $50.00 deductible. (Imagine how much it would have been with surgery?!) Knowing that I had a good insurance plan would have made it easy for me to say "Yes" to Inky going under the knife, had it been necessary.

And the claim filing process was super easy. All I did was print and fill out two forms that I brought to the vet when I picked her up. They held onto them until it seemed like her case was resolved, and then they faxed the forms and records in to Pet Plan for me automatically. It was less than a week after the vet submitted the paperwork that I had an email confirming a reimbursement, and received my check from Pet Plan. Couldn't have been any easier!

Even though it seems a bit pricey to fork out $200.00 a year on insurance for Inky, she has unfortunately needed it several times, so it has definitely been worth that sacrifice....And hearing about how my uncle recently had to put his poor sick kitty to sleep (r.i.p. Rousseau!) because they couldn't afford treatme

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stomach blockage
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Longhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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