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We have a 7 month old Labradoodle and my husband thought it was a waste of money to take out insurance on a dog. The policy I chose was for injury, accident or illness which was put to the test a month after I signed up. Jaynee loved to steal my son's socks.... Well, she swallowed one!! It was a Sunday evening so I had to take her to an emergency vet. They were able to get her to bring it back up along with some other things she apparently ingested!! The vet bill was $345, I submitted the bill and 2 weeks later I got back $245. My husband then agreed that insurance for our dog wasn't a bad idea after all!!! Now that she is a little more mature, she knows not to touch the kids toys, socks, etc.!! I did ask alot of questions when I signed up to find the best policy for our dog that was affordable for us. The only thing they excluded from her policy was an ear infection that was discovered the first time we took her to our vet. At first it seemed she might have this condition on a regular basis because her ears would not clear up for about 2 months. But, a different medication was used and as of now her ears have been perfect for about 3 months. I was told after 6 months if the infection had not returned, I might be able to remove the exclusion from her policy as long as she gets cleared by our vet. So......, at this point in time, I am very satisfied with VPI and their customer service.

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ingested sock
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$100 - $500


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Under a year

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