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I have two Siberian Huskies insured with pet plan Armand is going on 15 years old and Imp is 7 years old.In April 2011 I noticed blood spots on imp's bed I took her to the vet and with antibiotics things seemed to get better however when Imp wasn't on the meds the bleeding would start again shortly thereafter. Imp had several urine samples and cultures were then we done a sonogram nothing gave us a real diagnoses. Our vet referred us to Indianapolis Veterinary Referral and a scope was done in the bladder that reveled a chronic bacterial cystitis she was on meds for eight more weeks and Crananidin (cranberry) at least for the short term. Imp is recovering and will need more aftercare but I am confident of a full recovery thanks to Petplan without them I could not have been able to afford such great care from my local vet and the referral clinic...

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