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Perhaps it is because I work in human health insurance that I have found VPI's coverage very worthwhile. While it is true that VPI is a for-profit enterprise, I have been pleasantly surprised at what they have covered and the amounts that I have been reimbursed when I consider the premium I pay. VPI has come out with new plans that pay more but also cost more; I am satisfied with the plan I have. The insurance is primarily to provide coverage for catastrophic events such as an illness or accident. It is not worth it to cover routine costs and immunizations, etc. What you are reimbursed is not meant to be all-encompassing or even 100% coverage. But it does pay something at a time when you need it. Unfortunately my dog Brownie had some bad luck and I had to make two emergency trips to the vet. I was pleased with what VPI paid. Now that Brownie is doing great, I still pay my premium knowing that if something bad should happen, I will have some extra protection. Their service is excellent. Their technology (web site, personalization of the invoice, etc.) is better than the company I work for and we do humans!

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lacerations requiring stitches
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Miniature Pinscher

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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