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My 5.5 year old Maltese was diagnosed with having Bladder Stones (Urolithiasis) in May 2nd of 2010. After 4 months of treatments by his primary vet, we noticed there is no other alternative except Cystotomy. His primary vet Jarrod Moss D.V.M. performed the surgery on Charlie in September 23rd in Redondo Beach, Ca. Unfortunately due to complexity of the surgery, which he did not expect; he left two calcium-oxalate (CA-OX) stones in Charlie’s bladder and sutured him up after 2.5 hours of being under anesthesia. The total cost of the surgery & treatments added up to $3,600.00 at that point. The day after, due to the urinary tract blockage, I took Charlie to AERC in Torrance, Ca. and a group of DVMs & and an Internal Medicine doctor performed another Cystotomy on Charlie and removed the remaining CAOX stones from his bladder. The second surgery alone cost us $3,200.00. Pet Plan processes my claim in less than two weeks and reimbursed me with 90% of total cost of ~$7,000.00 for my pet. All I can say; thank you Pet Plan, I never, ever forget your compassion and support you offered me for Charlie!! You made it happen to keep my Charlie alive through the hardest time of his life. Charlie & his brother Casey are the most precious being in my life and both are insured by Pet Plan.
I recommend to any pet owners to seriously consider having pet insurance such as Pet Plan for their pet(s). Unexpected illness such as Urolithiasis happened to Charlie caught us totally off guard.
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