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Our eleven-month-old Newfoundland, Bucephalus, began limping heavily around Thanksgiving. After x-rays, the vet determined he had a genetic ailment common to his breed - elbow dysplasia with a fractured coronoid process. After a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon, where Bucephalus had bone fragments removed from his joint and had some reshaping of the bone done in order to prevent further discomfort, our total vet bills came to just over $3000. Being two graduate students, paying this amount was out of the question without assistance from PetPlan. We filed all necessary paperwork and were sent a check for nearly $2300, covering 80% of the specialist vet visit, before Bucephalus even had his two week recovery visit. It took only 12 days from filing the claim to get the check - we were able to use that money to pay off the vet charges on our credit card before the bill was due! I have already recommended PetPlan to four other dog owners. Unlike other pet insurance companies, they cover genetic abnormalities, prescription costs, etc. They have been so helpful and made life for our adopted, special-needs Newfie so much better!

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