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I researched and read reviews for many many canine insurance plans. I didn't want money to dictate any decisions I might need to make should the unforeseen happen. They, unlike many companies, also included alternative therapies like acupuncture, which I thought would come in handy during later years with managing arthritis and such. I was planning for his future, and never dreamed I would use it end up needing it just 2 years in. My little man is now four and a half years old (Lab) and ended up having a High Velocity Disc Herniation, most likely from Intervertebral Disc Disease, just two weeks ago now.

It was a scary time, especially in the beginning when no one really knew what was going on. X-Rays weren't showing anything much useful, and an MRI was recommended as the most likely method to help accurately diagnose. With all the pressure on a dog's spinal chord these herniations cause, a quick analysis must be made to avoid permanent damage. Many times surgery is needed, and the chances of a near full recovery are exponentially greater when the surgery is done within 36 hours.
Fortunately, I didn't have to weigh my finances against giving my best friend his greatest chance at being a happy normal dog for years to come. Perhaps more fortunately, surgery was not needed, but without the MRIs we would not have known. It's two weeks later, and he's still being boarded at an animal in-patient rehab facility, but he is making remarkable progress.
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High Velocity Disc Herniation from Intervertebral Disc Disease
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