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Embrace does do exactly what they say and they have some of the best coverage around. Our 1 year old dog has elbow dysplasia and we have already been reimbursed for 2 sets of x-rays as the problem was being diagnosed. The first set was ordered by our regular vet and the second set by the specialty orthopedic vet and these fell in 2 separate coverage years. Today I dropped our dog off for arthroscopic surgery and possible osteoctomy that was pre-certified by Embrace (which was really fast, only a day or two). Our orthopedic specialist was surprised that they would cover this congenital disorder. The only draw back is that she started developing symptoms in our first coverage year and it took until the second to get a diagnosis because initial symptoms were consistent with a soft tissue injury. That means that this surgery falls under embrace's "continuing care maximum" of $2,500 instead of her over all $10,000 maximum which is a bummer for us because we didn't even have a chance to do much in her 1st year of coverage when the symptoms developed and her maximum would have afforded the 80% coverage. Now if the surgery is on the low end of the estimate, they will end up paying the 80%, but anything about that will be out of pocket. Many states don't have this continuing care max and we're hoping it'll be gone in our state (Alaska) for the next policy as embrace is trying to convert all states over. Once that change is made I would give embrace a 10. Reimbursements are p

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Posted: 01/16/2011

Sorry it took so long for the Alaska Department of Insurance to approve the RLI policy for Embrace but it has been done now so when you renew, the continuing care sublimit will be gone. Yay!