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Returning home from work on a Monday, I noticed my dog Will breathing abnormally, hesitant to move and when I picked him up, he yelped in pain. Immediately I took him to our vet, who ran blood tests. They came back normal. Tuesday afternoon, same symptoms, so I rushed him to VCA Central Emergency Animal Hospital. X-rays and exam revealed possible GI problems and the doctor prescribed pain and gas medication. Because he is a dachshund, they could not rule out possible spinal injury. Wednesday morning we took him to a brain and spinal specialist in Irvine for consultation, no spinal injury. Thursday morning he woke up again in pain, so we returned him to Irvine Regional Animal Medical Center. An ultrasound was completed which revealed gallbladder sludge. Ursoidiol and pain management and he was fine after 7 days of pain and sleepless nights. Petplan had my claim processed and I received my check less than two weeks later. Knowing we had Petplan allowed us to focus on Will's treatment and recovery and not worry about the financial aspect.

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gallbladder sludge
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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