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All of my dogs are insured through VPI, and we've had good results on those unfortunate occasions when we've had to file a claim. My oldest became insured at 6 years (and is now 15+); my younger dogs were insured at 8 weeks (when they became eligible). As with my own health insurance, I'd rather have it and not need it; security is important. I'd debated getting pet insurance for years, wondering if it was worth the effort, not knowing anyone who had it ... In 2001 I was shocked into studying pet insurance further, after a near-fatal case of pneumonia and a week in intensive care for my beloved 11-year-old saluki resulted in veterinary bills close to $2,000. Less than two weeks after I insured my two (at the time) salukis with VPI, my younger one badly broke her hock in a running accident. The insurance covered many of her surgery and other medical charges, much to my relief! And insurance was an enormous help when one of the next generation was finally diagnosed with and underwent emergency surgery for a life-threatening uterine infection. Have I gotten back what I've put into veterinary insurance? Of course not! But I haven't gotten back what I've put into my medical and dental insurance, either. I'd rather have the security of knowing that a severe case could be less so, thanks to this coverage. I don't pay for the "well care" or vaccination riders, as my veterinarian and I don't over-vaccinate and the cost of the riders is more than that of any preventive

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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