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I have my two mini doxies, Abby (8 yrs) and Moses (7 years), insured through VPI. I enrolled them both as puppies as doxies are notorious for back problems. Well, I don't know how many claims I have made but it has been a godsend for us. So far, the largest claim we have made has been a pygmy rattler snakebite for Abby. By the time we realized she had been bitten she was going into shock and was near death. If we had not had the VPI we would probably have put her to sleep. The cost for the treatment was alot more than we could afford, ~$2400 (emergency clinic). We received back from VPI, $976. You know up front what they will pay so there are no surprises. There may be cheaper policies out there but I haven't shopped around. Mainly because I am very happy with the service and reimbursements I receive. Abby also has skin allergies and they will cover the testing for that.

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