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Kelly's story is one of the best testimonials for pet insurance.At 10pm on a May spring evening, Kelly (our black persian)started having violent seizures. We traveled 50 miles to the ER in Annapolis, Md. with Kelly having multiple seizures on the way. He was stabilized and held overnight. We were told diagnosis could be epilepsy, brain tumor, or toxoplasma to name a few; however, in order to actually know a neurosurgeon would have to look at Kelly, which entailed another 20 mile drive to Bouey, Md. In order to know for sure the neurosurgeon said Kelly required a MRI of the brain, the nearest MRI facility was located on the other side of Washington, DC, another 50 mile drive and the MRI would cost $1,900.00. With the two emergency room expenses Kelly's medical bill has been more than $3,000.00. Not once did Embrace question the expenses or the necessity and gave immediate approval for any and all tests.
I am constantly touting the importance of pet insurance and to drive it home I relate Kelly's story. Kelly is responding and possibly will be able to be taken off of phenobarb soon. I have been told by various doctors that so many times other owners have had to make a very difficult and heart wrenching decision because of the expense of treatment.
It breaks my heart to hear this so once again I say to Embrace, I thank you but most important of all, Kelly thanks you.

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