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I have had Pet Best Insurance since January 18, 2010. My dog, Donald tore his ACL in his rear leg while I was volunteering at a Best Friends Big Adoption Event on November 7, 2010. Their policy is which states "in most cases the acl tear is not paid until a year into your policy. They denied my claim two months before my year. They did not even offer to pay a portion of it. I've been paying for nothing! Your customer service rep was rude to where it was hard for me to stay calm. Donald is my family and we were both treated like dirt. My vet even recommended Pet Best to me. I will not recommend Pet Best to my worst enemy. Matter of fact I will write to the LA Times and to the TV news to have them investigate all pet insurances starting with Pet Best. I will also let everyone I meet at all the adoptions I volunteer with and all the dog shows how terrible you will be treated if you get a plan with them. I will tell anyone who listens to me how bad you are.
If you do not want to pay any ACL's the first year of the policy ......get rid of the "in most cases" phrase.

Donald is my fourth cairn and ACL's are not common with cairns.

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Posted: 12/03/2010

Thank you for your comments, Donna. Our goal is to be up front about our coverage and exclusions. We appreciate feedback on areas where we can better explain our coverage. In all states except for Illinois, cruciate ligament injuries that occur in the first year of the policy are not covered. Our illness plans cover cruciate injuries that develop after the first year of coverage. In addition, we don’t consider cruciate injuries to be bi-lateral. For example, if your dog tears a ligament in his right knee, we won’t consider a later tear in the left knee to be pre-existing like some companies do. We strive to serve all our policyholders with the utmost care and compassion and we’re sorry that you feel you did not have a satisfactory customer care experience. We hope that Donald is recovering from his injury.

Posted: 02/24/2011

I understand your frustration which would have been my reaction BUT the policy clealy states that it is an exclusion within the first year. You should read the policy information before chosing to purchase a policy. Many insurance companies do not pay for this injury and it is part of the part and parcel for the package. I have had VPI in the past and they are the worst so your outrage over their denial of your claim should fall on your shoulders for failing to read the policy even if it was within 2 months of the year.