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Our male, Sammy, is our third Boxer. While we considered getting insurance for our other "kids", we decided it was a foolish expense. We spent a lot of money on our last Boxer, but even after paying for a $2000 and kissing him goodbye at the animal ER after he died, we considered it a fluke. But when we got our new Boxer, we decided that it was a good idea. After researching providers, we chose PetPlan because of other reviews. And we sure are glad we did. At the young age of 16 months, Sammy ate a foreign object (a LOT of it) and had to go through x-rays, an endoscopy, and all of the tests in between. We had never filed a claim before, and had no idea what to expect - and we are talking about claims of over $4000. We had NO issues whatsoever, and we had a check in less than a week for the reimbursable expenses. Since then, we've had to have more visits to the vet and our subsequent claims were quickly reimbursed. I have talked to others who either had or still have insurance through other providers, and they are planning to switch. While I try, I can not say enough about PetPlan!!!!

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Ingested a foreign body
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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