Pets Best Insurance is the BEST! I

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I had VPI insurance and have switched to Pets Best. I feel this is one of the best decisions that I have made. Pets Best is exactly that THE BEST!!! I was very disappointed with VPI, they were not what they claimed to be in my experience. Their turn around time for claims is poor and reimbursement is not what was explained to me when I signed up. Pets Best Insurance turn around on claims is excellent, I was really surprised at how quickly they process the claims and after your deductible they pay a full 80%!!! I'm writing this because when I was looking for pet insurance it was overwhelming and when you speak with the representives of each company, I feel that they tell you what you want to hear and when it comes down to filing claims that is when you discover that you had better read the fine print and between the lines! We orginally went with VPI because thru employment they offered pet insurance and it was thru VPI. I definitely have to go to the HR and tell them they need to check into Pets Best! As in the name Pets Best, is exactly that the BEST!!! Each time I called and spoke with a representative they were very professional, courteous, very helpful, always went above and beyond. I cant say enough about this company. So take it from someone who has had the experience of dealing with other insurance companies, look no further than Pets Best, you will be more than satisfied with them!I have recommended Pets Best to many of my friends and they have now made th

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surgery, broken leg due to dog fight
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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