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When we first adopted our little dog, Petal, she was 6 months old and was in healthy condition, no problems at all. I had never had a dog before, but had seen friends and family deal with expensive vet bills and having to make decisions about care and dealing with money issues at the same time. We decided that we would get pet insurance for our dog, just in case the worst should happen -- we would be covered. I read several reviews on this site and determined that PetPlan seemed the easiest to deal with as well as having the best range of services to offer.. Boy, was I glad I did pick them! They have been the best insurance company (animal or human) I have ever dealt with, bar none! Our Petal is now turning 3 and in the interim has had many medical issues that we had no idea were on the horizon when we got this insurance. From allergies, to a bacterial infection to a bladder infection to an ear infection to some sort of gastrointestinal issue -- there have been many medical issues our little girl has been through. And through it all, PetPlan has been so great. They have paid every claim and with caring and expediency. They honestly seem to care about your animal, in word and deed. I tell every pet owner I know about this insurance and have actually had my in-laws sign up their dog, who now may need cataract surgery at some time in the near future.. Guess what, no problem -- PetPlan will cover it. You should know that there are rules (as with every insurance) that you need

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Ear Problem

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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