If only they had human insurance as good as this!!

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Not only has Pets Best always turned claims around in speedy fashion, but now they will almost immediately DIRECT DEPOSIT your reimbursement - either into your bank account or back to your credit card. So you get repaid weeks before your credit card bill even comes - or your bank statement. I just had an ACL repair on my older Weimaraner and we had terrible bad luck - a soft-tissue infection developed 2 days after the suture removal, so Scooby Doo licked open the wound and had to have it all restitched. Then the metal plate actually broke in there - rare & without explanation but requiring a whole new surgery and replacing the metal plate with a larger one and 8 screws instead of 65 screws. And these screws range from $63 to $83 PER SCREW. You can only imagine my gratitude and relief that after the very first $100 deductible Pets Best has fully paid 80% of every single bill - poor Scooby has to suffer the physical pain, but at least I don't have a financial catastrophe on my hands. It's a godsend that not one charge has been questioned - the money was back in my bank account before i could even feel the full pain of paying it out!

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acl repair
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Over $1000


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Over 8 years

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Posted: 11/02/2010

Thanks for the review, and we hope Scooby Doo is feeling better! Our new direct deposit service is quick and easy, allowing us to deposit reimbursements directly into your bank account (but not back to a credit card.) More information is available at www.PetsBest.com/DirectDeposit.