Not worth it if your dog has been to the vet

Out of 10

If your dog any any kind of medical history or if you reported any incidents of vomiting or diarrhea to your vet, then I do not recommend purchasing any plans from Trupanion. You will be sorely disappointed. Even if your dog has never been diagnosed with any kind of illness by your vet such as stomach related illnesses, Trupanion will quote you on those reports recorded by your vet and will deem them as pre-existing symptoms to deny your claims. If your dog has a pre-existing illness and contracts a completely different illness while you're on Trupanion's plan, they will deny your claim and say that it's relayed to the pre-existing condition even when it's not. I am rating them 3 because they're quick to respond to claims. They're also only worth the investment if you purchase it for a dog that has never been to the vet.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 11/03/2010

Thank you for your review as we appreciate both positive and negative reviews. Without knowing your exact claim experience, I can only comment on how our policy works. When a claim is filed, we collect the pet's full medical history. If the condition is related to any symptoms or conditions prior to your policy coverage then the condition would not be eligible for coverage. If there is any doubt or clarity needed, we contact your veterinarian so that the information is interpreted correctly. Once your policy coverage is in effect, any new illness or accidents that have not shown to be present before full coverage started are covered. The coverage does need to be in place before an illness or accident starts, as unfortunately, no pet insurance company covers the costs of pre-existing conditions. We do welcome any further clarification from you and your veterinarian if you feel the claim was processed incorrectly. We even have a claim dispute process in situations such as this which is available to all policyholders. If you have more questions about your claim experience, please call us directly to better help clarify or get the dispute process going.

Posted: 08/11/2011

I wish I had read your posting before I purchased my insurance! It is exactly as you stated...they use any symptom from any previous vet visit that can be applied to new issues and then call them "previously existing, claim denied"
Also, I disagree with Stacy at Trupanion. They did not call either myself or my veterinarian for any clarification. In fact, I was told by a Trupanion representative that they will not do that because it takes too much time. It is so much easier, from my point of view, to just site a "previously existing" condition and deny the claim!