Full Support in Battle Against Deleterious Tumors

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i will have to admit that i am most certainly a cynic in practice, but an optimist at heart. i had read many vacillating reviews for pet health insurers when purchasing the policy several years ago for my dearest pup, Bailey, but seemed to have the majority of my coverage needs met best by Pet Plan US. After having never filed a claim in over 2 years, it became a necessity when Bailey was tragically and very suddenly diagnosed with a heart based tumor. As with any time of chaos, there were so many facets to manage, but his escalating health care costs became the least. After submitting our first claim for over $1900 and a very reassuring consult with one of Pet Insurance Advisors, Ken Roberts, this case was expedited and thoroughly managed so that we were reimbursed for 100% of the cost minus a marginal deductible of $200. Not only did this help alleviate a rapidly constraining cash flow for his continued medical expenses, but it most critically gave Bailey and I the "go-ahead" to continue care without the need for a pre-authorization. We are a month into his battle with his life ravaging tumors, but i am reassured that we have the best team supporting us - from his critical care veterinarians to the team at PetPlan US. Thank you very much Ken and the whole team supporting Bailey and I through our most challenging "adventure" yet.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


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1 - 8

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Posted: 11/09/2010

Michael, when ear infections happen less than a year apart, this means it's become a chronic condition for your pet. I know for a fact of other companies that offer pet insurance that would have COMPLETELY ruled out future ear infections. I don't find it to be that bad that it's just a waiting period you have to go through.....