Darcy the Springer Spaniel eats a shoe.....

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In March of 2010 I arrived home from vacation to find that Darcy (our beautiful Springer Spaniel)had eaten her caregiver's shoe....It was obvious to me that Darcy was becoming very ill and I immediately took her to an emergency veterinary hospital. For those of you who have had the opportunity to use the services of an emergency veterinary service you know that this was a very expensive ordeal. Darcy was rehydrated over the next few hours and had her surgery in the wee hours of the morning....Only after I paid in cash the $2500.oo estimated charges. The following day the vet informed me that they wanted Darcy to spend an additional day in ICU at an additional cost of $800.00. After consulting with Darcy's regular veternarian, I picked Darcy up and took her to his office where he examined her, gave me post operative instructions, pain medication and antibiotics....and, told me that I could care for her just as well at home. I submitted both claims from the emergency surgery and Darcy's regular veternarian to VPI via fax the following day and within two weeks I was reimbursed approximately $1700.00 of the over $2600.00 in charges. Almost 2/3's of the incurred expenses. I no longer wonder whether or not it is helpful to carry pet insurance, and I highly recommend VPI (something I have done with several friends). My only recommendation would be that these emergency veterinary hospitals accept the VPI insurance as part of the coverage for payment and allow the petowner to

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gastric outlet and bowel obstruction
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Over $1000

Springer Spaniel

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1 - 8

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