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Well by reading other reviews, it appears the PetCare Ins. gets out of paying any claims by claiming just about everything is a pre-existing condition! And if your pet has one pre-existing condition, every other illness, accident is related to that pre-existing condition. Just like all the other dissatisfied PetCare Ins. reviews I've read, they claim my dog had a pre-existing condition. I took by Lab in to my vet in the spring of 2010 because of extremely dry skin, scratching. I had tried different good quality dog foods but the problem continued. My vet suggested allergy testing. He said it was a little costly but would be covered "NO Problem" by any Pet Insurance as my lab didn't have any pre-existing symptoms of allergies. I submitted the cost of the allergy testing and of course PetCare Ins.denied the claim saying that it was a pre-existing condition as my Lab had an ear infection a year prior, which they said was a symptom of allergies. My vet and I both disagreed with this decision as we both well knew she had an ear infection because she went swimming (she's a lab - love water!) in dirty water and she has big floppy ears. It was treated and never occured again, even with the dry itchy skin it didn't occur. We talked to PetCare Ins. they said to resubmit the claim with detailed medical history of my lab, detailed prognosis of her skin condition, and details of the allergy testing and basically swearing in and signing by vet that the ear infection and skin problems

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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