My two Dobermans are covered by PetPlan-Yeah!

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Having two Dobermans covered by PetPlan means twice the peace of mind for me. In 2009 when Jake was two years old, he came down with pancreatitis. His treatments included two early morning trips to the veterinary emergency clinic, as well as in-clinic hospitalization with our regular veterinarian and a complicated regimen of drug treatments. I was very appreciative of the helpfulness and efficiency of the PetPlan team in dealing with the cost of Jake's treatments.
This August of 2011 seven- year old Madison developed a severe limp in her left front leg. After three sets of x-rays over a five-week period, a canine oncologist diagnosed probable osteosarcoma in her left shoulder. Madison has had two surgical bone biopsies to determine the severity of the cancer and is currently on a strong regimen of pain medications.
Knowing the PetPlan team is efficiently dealing with the costs of Madison's treatments gives me peace of mind to focus on keeping her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

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