Glad I Got Insurance

Out of 10

Recently I got 2 little Maltese puppies at 6 weeks old. Some people recommended I get insurence. Some people (who also have dogs) said it was a rip off and cheaper to just pay the vet bills over-all. I signed up for Embrace but was thinking about canceling it. Soooooo glad I didn't! 2 days after the insurence kicked in I came home to find a lethargic very sick little puppy with out any appetite. He was vomiting and couldn't keep food down. I rushed him to the vet and my bill ran up to over $1200. The claim was very easy to fill out and send in and they covered $781 of it. Definately Not Going To Cancel! It really paid off and its nice to know its there when you really need it :)

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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