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I have had VPI for about 12 years and have found them to be very adequate in terms of customer service and claim processing. I have no complaints regarding the competency or consideration of the agents I've spoken with. They have all been great. I initially chose VPI because there were not as many choices out there, and I was not as well versed in pet insurance issues as I am today. My shih tzu is 14 now and has had many issues, so I've been thankful I had the policy. As other consumers have reported, I too would like the reimbursement to be higher and would rather NOT have the routine visits covered because when a high dollar cost arises, this is where you want protection. My shih-tzu had a nasal tumor diagnosed about a year ago, and I am so glad I had purchased the cancer rider, as it's been very expensive for tests and treatment. However, with another carrier, I would NOT had as high a monthly fee, the deductible and the $50% reimbursement off the scheduled fee of allowable amounts for diagnosis and treatments. There are now carriers out there that provide a 90% reimbursement of the doctor's actual expenses, NOT a 50% reimbursement according to their schedule. So, bottom line, EDUCATE YOURSELF AND DO YOUR RESEARCH. As I get more pets, I will leave VPI and go with Trupanion, a company which provides more protection for a reasonable fee, which does not increase as the pet ages.

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Shih Tzu

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