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My main issue with Embrace is the fact that they increase policy premiums anywhere from 20-35% almost every year. Why every year? Because each year your dog ages, they can (and do) increase the premiums. they will claim the reason is because older pets, like people, tend to get sick more and cost more money for care. however, my premium doesn't go up each year. so i find their reasons a ridiculous logical circle. I also don't remember reading anything about that before i signed up with them. i know premiums can and will go up but 20-35% annually because my dog gets older each year is ridiculous. that means it may start low when you first sign up but if you have them for 5 years you can expect at least a 100% increase in your premiums. that's insane! and robbery in my opinion. i had them for one year and am looking to switch before my plan renews next month. don't like the hidden fact about the annual age increase. although i will give them credit for answering my questions about it pretty honest and directly once i learned about it. i have two dogs and a cat insured by them.

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Posted: 12/18/2020

Hi Claudia,

I understand disappointment with premium increases - the factors that go into it are more than just the age, but age does play a large factor.

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